Technical Meeting in Pisa, January 2013

25 January 2013

Six-month technical meeting. Topics discussed included Co-Reference and Named Entity resolution, the development of multilingual sentiment lexicons based on machine propagation through WordNets, lexicon validation, review sites and social media to use. OpeNER’s six-month technical meeting took place on January 10-11, 2013, in Pisa. All of the project’s partners attended. Technical details of projects components such as the following were discussed:

  • Co-reference resolution: toolsets and algorithms in use.
  • Named Entity Recognition and Classification (NERC): techniques employed.
  • Named Entity Resolution based on available ontologies. Named Entity Linking. Entity Repositories that are being employed and enriched.
  • Sentiment Lexicon Development: construction of a multilingual lexicon of sentiment-bearing expressions. Characteristics of the initial seed list and procedure for machine-driven propagation over WordNets. Validation procedures.
  • Datasets for opinion mining and geolocalisation: review sites and social media to use.
  • Standardised data representation formats that are being used.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 261712.